We Are Non Profit Organization

Incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization, GT Community Care Berhad was established on December 2013. Located in Klang town in the State of Selangor in Malaysia, GTCCB seeks to play her role as a catalyst to elevate the standards of living especially among the poor and needy. We believe not only just hand-outs but provide them with education and skills to help them to live for themselves and ultimately breaking their cycle of poverty.

We help those in need

For the less fortunate we desire to draw a ray of hope in their lives. Our Community Care is driven towards solving most challenging problems of today such as youths, poverty, old age and so on. Through its Charitable Trust, the organization has demonstrated its commitment to improving social and educational programs that enrich lives around us, leading to community caring efforts.

We provide community programmes

Food Bank to provide basic food provisions to poor families, shelter homes and centres. Community Centre for Seniors and Group activities. Sewing Skills for Single Mothers and Homemakers.  Tuition Classes for Poor Children.

We hope to have varieties of programs to reach out to different target groups as our organization grows. We invite you and/or your organization to partner with us in reaching out to the poor and needy. Call us and see how you can participate in our programs

We also work in partnership with the following centres

Dayspring Training Centre

Started in 1988 to provide education and training for persons with learning difficulties ranging from ages 7 to 30. Dayspring teaches and trains these persons to be self-independent to enable them to integrate into community living. For more information about Dayspring works, please log on to www.dayspringtc.com

Disciple House

This is a rehabilitation Centre for hard-core drug addicts started in 1981 and has assisted many hard-core drug addicts to turn over a new leaf and found true meaning to their lives. Disciple House program comprises of 4 Phases lasting a period of 22 months. At the end of the program many are now having good jobs and has become productive in the society. Others have gone on to start their own centers to assist those in similar situations.

Wen Zhao Old Folks Home

Establieshed in 2000 to cater for the needs of the elderly whose family members are not able to look after them and also for those who are poor or abandoned by their family members. The Home provides them with love and care, a comfortable environment where they can gather and find meaningful activites to help them to spend their remaining years with dignity and happiness.


Join us for a better life and beautiful future

Volunteers are needed for Food Packing and Distribution. Call us to make an appointment. E-Learning Tuition Centre needs you to help tutor our students or be a friend to them. Students are from Primary Year 4 to Form 5. Check with us for the best time to come.

To do any work or share your skill or knowledge (No business or product selling) for the benefit of the community. Tell us how you can volunteer.