Food Bank

GT Food Bank was launched in Nov 2013 with its food collection drive with the tagline “A CAN can make a difference” and distributed essential food items on 14 Dec 2013 to fifty successful applicants. Currently more than 100 poor families are being assisted with food items such as rice, cooking oil, can food, instant noodles, cereals, beverages and others on a monthly basis.

The aim of GT Food Bank is to ensure the poor people in its community have access to basic food on daily basis. For this project to be sustainable, GT Food Bank seeks to source for food items by engaging participations and partnership from individual donors, food producers, food importers, social organizations, business and corporate sectors. We welcome support in cash or in kinds. Food items which are near expiry, dented or cannot be marketed can be donated to our cause.

Tuition Centre

The idea of providing free tuition for poor children came about through our food distribution for the poor. We realize that many children from the poor families do not have opportunities for private tuition due to financial constraint, therefore, our tuition project aims to help these children to learn and improve their studies by providing them with opportunities for a good tutorial program. We believe that when they do well in their studies they will have a better chance to break away from their poverty cycle.

Using refurbished computers which were donated to us by an NGO, we subscribe to an Online Tutorial Program for both Primary and Secondary School children. We are looking for volunteers and partners in this venture for the betterment of our community.

Community Centre

A Community Centre was recently started in a rented semi-detached house at No. 20, Jalan Sekolah, Off Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor. Its a place of happenings for seniors and interst groups to come together on a regular basis for fellowship, recreation, workshop, seminars and various healthy activites. Launched in Mar 2014 the centre has been a gathering place for seniors and interest groups in the neighbourhood to find meaningful interaction and healthy living.

The Community Centre is also a place of consultation for people with various needs relating to shelter placement, welfare aids and other social problems. People can come and seek advise and be directed to relevant authorities who could assist them.


Join us for a better life and beautiful future

Volunteers are needed for Food Packing and Distribution. Call us to make an appointment. E-Learning Tuition Centre needs you to help tutor our students or be a friend to them. Students are from Primary Year 4 to Form 5. Check with us for the best time to come.

To do any work or share your skill or knowledge (No business or product selling) for the benefit of the community. Tell us how you can volunteer.